Daniela Endara

Daniela Endara

Nutritionist graduated at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, she has followed many courses in Child Nutrition, Functional Foods, Conscious Nutrition and is currently a student of a training based on Ayurvedic Medicine. 
Her professional experience is developed in the private sector since 2009.  In order to obtain her professional degree she carried out a research and analysis on nutritional packaging.


She was also interviewed periodically during 3 years in the program Tiempo de Radio of Radio Sucesos 101.7 FM in the city of Quito in charge of Gabriela Freire, discussing various topics that could contribute to the community. 

She is an expert in customized and integral nutritional advice, providing adequate tools to lose weight, gain weight, improve health, treat eating disorders, or achieve greater sports performance; objectives that are reached through the implementation of habits to lead a better lifestyle.  It also seeks to promote body acceptance and achieve a physical, mental and emotional balance.

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