Why did I increase my vegetable protein intake?
AWÁ Nutrition Vegetable Protein: the perfect supplement for my trainings.

By: Bernardo Morales

You do not need to be a nutritionist to know how each person’s body reacts to certain foods. I think many of us are aware of the effect that certain types of ingredients have on our bodies; for instance: dairy, nuts, and shellfish. There are quite a few people with notorious allergies, but there are also mild allergies that attack our bodies and leave us unaware of that reaction, such as having an intestinal irritation thanks to lactose or being gassy from consuming any nuts. 

All these “mini” allergies that can arise, tend to go unnoticed, which can lead to serious complications in the future. In my case, I found out about my slight allergy to lactose because I am a cheese lover; I consumed cheese every day, if possible, at every meal, until one day I decided to change my diet because no matter how much I trained I could not reduce my body fat percentage, nor my measurements.

When I changed my diet and reduced my lactose intake (cheese and milk) I started to notice a change in my measurements; my bloating due to cheese reduced and I stopped having trouble with my food discharge. Thanks to these changes, I began to alternate my diet in my shakes and my meals before and after training; that was when I discovered most animal protein is made from whey, which also affected my digestion (even the hydrolyzed one), and my body functioning. I started to look for alternatives for my shakes, so I started taking vegetable proteins which did not feel as heavy as whey protein. I had already tried several brands of animal protein, but they all ended badly, until I saw this shake made with vegetable protein and it looked interesting. I began to look for alternatives for a higher intake of vegetable protein than I usually had, since I did consume a lot of grains and vegetables already. I ended up finding the AWÁ Nutrition protein, which seemed to me like a super complete protein, (aside from having chocho and quinoa proteins included, which contain all the essential amino acids). They work with super foods such as Andean blackberries and wild blackberries, which make it a completely nutritious drink with no additives, preservatives or soy.

Besides contributing to your diet with vitamins and minerals in its fruit mix, it contains a large amount of fiber and probiotics, which aid with digestion. That is why it’s highly recommended to consume this type of proteins, specifically AWÁ’s, for all of its nutritional contributions that are not usually provided or provided in an unnatural way by other proteins.

Taking these benefits into account, I started consuming this protein in my shakes after training and the results are amazing. My muscle recovery is better than ever, as well as my body definition, and the bloating that I used to have from my consumption of animal protein disappeared. I am happy with the results of the AWÁ proteins and I can assure you that you will also feel the changes. You’re hearing it from a person who has struggled throughout his whole life to gain weight and grow his muscles by trying several types of proteins that do provide results, but with side effects included. I hope you try it and see that it works for your body and that it is the best for you overall. Greetings and love to all. 

About the author

I am Bernardo Morales and I love all kinds of physical activity. I have practiced several sports, from soccer to gymnastics, and I have adapted my trainings to all disciplines which I have been part of, including volleyball, soccer, capoeira, gymnastics, and parkour; I have thought through the best trainings for each of these disciplines. I have decided to become a personal trainer because I have always liked helping people and I think that achieving a physical and wellbeing goal in people is a great step towards generating discipline in their lives, moreover, self-love; the more you take care of your body, the more you take care of yourself. I also decided to do it because I felt like most trainers were not qualified to reach a physical and mental change in students, and I want to change that system. I have seen several “trainers” in unqualified gyms, and thanks to that lots of people end up with unhealable injuries or with the need to stop training for long periods of time due to the lack of knowledge. My goal is to create a change in the lives of people, the same way I managed to create a change in mine. My life coach certificate allows me to create a change, not only physical but mental, in people who need that change to reach their goals. I work great with motivation and how to create a daily routine to reach goals with my clients and I try to keep those motivational levels in each training.

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